The number one concern of citizens, as shown by multiple surveys, is traffic. The residents of Greenwood Village do not want high-density development that would add more traffic to an already bad condition.

In a 2011 traffic study, traffic engineers stated that improvements needed for the Orchard Road/I-25 interchange “would require extensive bridge reconstruction and right-of-way acquisition.” This observation was made six years ago, long before this area was being considered for redevelopment.

If the Orchard Station area is allowed to redevelop to a density and use that was proposed, it will likely produce an additional 27,000 car trips per day. As a comparison, a sold-out event at the Pepsi Center produces about 14,000 cars. Imagine adding the amount of traffic leaving a Nuggets game to the evening Tech Center rush hour.

The impact on traffic is not just limited to the Orchard/I-25 interchange. Traffic engineers believe that 24% of the additional Orchard Station traffic will use the I-25/Belleview interchange, making that intersection even worse than it is already.

Citizens should reject this change to the Comprehensive Plan and vote NO on the ballot issue.

Paid for by Save our Village Issue Committee,   Dave Kerber Treasurer

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