Tax Base

Greenwood Village is fortunate to have a strong tax base and the commercial development along the I-25 corridor is a major source of our Sales and Use Tax revenue. Our citizens benefit by paying lower individual taxes and receiving an outstanding level of city services. We support commercial development like Tuscany Plaza shown on the right and the new CoBank building shown below.

It’s been said many times that the average homeowner in our city pays less in municipal property tax than it costs to provide trash services. If a resident of Greenwood Village buys a $30,000 car, that resident will pay $0 in city sales tax because Greenwood Village does not impose a sales tax on its residents for the purchase of a vehicle. A resident of Denver, however, will pay a sales tax of about $1,000 for the exact same car, regardless of where it was purchased.

On a per lane mile basis, Greenwood Village has 164% more snow plows than Denver. On a per capita basis, Greenwood Village has 83% more Police Officers than Denver. In Greenwood Village the average Police response time to an emergency 911 call is less than 3 minutes. In Denver, the average response time is more than 14 minutes.

The 2014 Citizen Survey asked residents, unaided, what issues they would like the city to address. Traffic congestion was the top issue. Second on the list was to “limit new development and maintain low density”.

Our citizens do not want the city to become a dense urban city like Denver. They want to maintain the exceptional level of services and the open, park-like, suburban atmosphere that is Greenwood Village.

The Village’s finance director has shown that residential development costs the city money. Conversely, commercial development adds to the coffers and as citizens and shareholders, we do not want to erode our tax base.

Every square foot of high density residential development along the I-25 corridor takes away a square foot from commercial development.

High density residential development erodes our tax base, diminishes services provided to residents, adds congestion and changes the character of our community. The Orchard Station Sub-area plan is wrong and we urge citizens to vote NO. 

Paid for by Save our Village Issue Committee,   Dave Kerber Treasurer

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