Letter from Dave Bullock, George Lantz, Steve Moran
“The proponents are trying to persuade residents that if changes to the Comp Plan are voted down, then no new development can happen and it will only be the status quo.  This is nonsense and simply not true.  The current Comp Plan allows for a single developer project but it has limitations on height, density and mixed-use.  It also puts more constraints on City Council which we believe is a positive given the expressed views and voting record of the current Council.  Five members of Council favor this referendum which opens the door for high density.  Only the three of us have publicly expressed and voted for keeping the current plan in place thereby limiting the size and scale of future developments.” Read More

Letter from J. Madden
“Traffic is an area-wide issue. The undeveloped land south of Orchard Road between Yosemite and Quebec south to Arapahoe Road still has well over 1 million-plus square feet of density to be built. Belleview Station on the north side of Belleview will generate additional traffic burden for the over 1+ million square feet to be developed. Combine this undeveloped density with the proposed density on Orchard Station site and the traffic impact will be extensive…  As a matter of precedent, if this project is approved at the current density levels, what is going to prevent the next developer to seek the same?  The impacts and consequences will be vast and lasting.”  Read More

Letter from George Lantz and Steve Moran.
“Please remember, a vote to change the comprehensive plan is a vote in favor of increased density, higher buildings and a higher number of multi-family rental units.  If you share our concerns, we simply ask you to speak with your friends and family members in other districts, and encourage them to vote NO on the June 6 ballot.” Read More

Letter from Jim Underhill
“As a former GV City Council member for 8 years I am appalled at what this council proposes to do to our city’s comprehensive plan… This fundamental change in the character of the City is not a good thing. A daylight shadow over homes on Quebec is not a good thing. Massively increasing traffic on Orchard, Belleview, Quebec and I-25 interchanges is not a good thing.” Read More

Letter from Vincent Donahue
“I spent my entire career at one of the nations largest residential and commercial development firms… It is complete folly to assume that the existence of the Light Rail transportation system would mitigate any significant impact on traffic, pollution, noise, and overall congestion within the surrounding areas of the proposed development.” Read More

Letter from William Brady
“I teach early evening classes at DU Law School and in DU’s Graduate Environmental Policy and Management Program… As a former Assistant Littleton City Attorney… I experienced that much of the congestion and pollution… is not an unfamiliar scenario… Permitting several 20 story high rise structures with 1,200 proposed residents, offices , shops and consumer traffic will … compound our problems… The noise, automobile exhaust and the constant traffic has become terribly intrusive.” Read More

Letter from David Seserman
“I served as a member of the Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) for a little over 10 years (over 6 years as Chair)…In 2011-2012… staff questioned whether there was a need for a separate Orchard Station Subarea… My fellow Commissioners and I rejected the request feeling that, while the area was ripe for redevelopment, such redevelopment should and could be done within the existing Corridor Planning Area language …that permits offices, retail, service establishments, etc. but does not permit residential uses (without a special use permit).” Read More

Letter from Jerry Presley
“The current vision is that this area should be an employment center, used primarily by commercial office, lodging and related business use. This area is the foundation of our tax base which allows the city to provide an outstanding level of service to the people who live and work here. The Comprehensive Plan is open and clear that it discourages apartment development in this area”.  Read More

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