The Developer will do almost anything to win the election.

On Monday, 5-15-17, Greenwood Village told the Developer that a political sign attached to the building that is “Ground Zero” of the debate and urging a “Yes” vote, is a violation of the sign code. The sign is far bigger than what is allowed.

The city told the Developer to take the sign down within 24 hours or else the city would issue a citation. The Developer knew the sign violated the sign code before they put it up because it asked the city what the rules were the week before the sign went up.

Instead of taking down the sign, the Developer is ignoring the citation and keeping this LARGE AND ILLEGAL sign up.

This is an example of the Developer willing to violate the sign code and paying the resulting fine, rather than removing the sign and following the rules. The Developer is revealing its true character.

Paid for by Save our Village Issue Committee, Dave Kerber Treasurer

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