Lend Support

There are many ways for citizens to lend support to our efforts.

First and foremost is to vote NO on the referendum and oppose the urbanization of our Village.

In addition, we encourage citizens to Signup and Join the Campaign by adding your email address to the Signup form on the right of every page.

Next, we need supporters of our effort to contact 5 or 6 neighbors and friends and let them know about this controversial issue. You can do so via email or simply in personal conversations. Many people do not even know that Greenwood Village is proposing a dramatic change to our vision that would encourage massive development of multi-family residential.

As the campaign unfolds, we need supporters to allow us to install yard signs that announce your opposition to this change in vision. Your visible opposition to this plan may influence 4, 5 or 6 of your neighbors to also vote NO to this change in vision.

You can also support our cause by sending us a donation.  Click the “Donate” link for details.

Finally, we need supporters who can volunteer to walk door-to-door and talk to your neighbors and explain why this is a really bad plan for our community.

We need your support. Will you lend a hand?

Paid for by Save our Village Issue Committee,   Dave Kerber Treasurer

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